Villebois Lavalette

Villebois Lavalette and the surrounding area 

Villebois-Lavalette, perched atop an immense hill on a rolling plain, towered over by the imposing medieval castle, is a refuge for those looking for peace and quiet. 

Explore the village’s architectural gems, such as ancient marketplaces and small streets that are steeped in history. 

Follow the discovery route to learn more about the village and its heritage. Meander through the covered market every Saturday morning. 

Enjoy the cultural events that punctuate the year, and don’t forget the traditional festivities for Palm Sunday and the ‘cornuelle’ fair. This small, triangular shortbread, with a hole in the middle, is an Easter bakery speciality in Villebois-Lavalette, whose patent filed name (in 2011), has made the village the Capital of the Cornuelle. 

Villebois Lavalette


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