Top 5 Instagramable Spots

Are you looking for a breathtaking spot for the perfect photo in South Charente? We have just the thing for you! !

Here’s our selection of expertly chosen sports for THE photo in South Charente.

From magnificent castles in which you can play princess to dizzyingly high lookout points…we’ve got all the places that your followers will love!!

1- Château de Barbezieux

Play princess in front of the Porte d’Archiac, where the steps lead up to the Tourist Office…with the Château de Barbezieux at the top!

Book a guided tour at the Tourist Office to climb up onto the parapet. The view overlooking the town is amazing.

2- The Belvedere in Aubeterre sur Dronne

Aubeterre-sur-Dronne is one of the Plus Beaux Villages de France and offers visitors the chance to see just breathtakingly beautiful views. However, there is one lookout point that is perhaps the most beautiful of all…the belvedere.

On the Rue Saint-Jacques, which leads to its namesake church, there’s a little square just to your left. As you move forward, the village will take on an amphitheatre effect, which makes for a perfect background to your photos.

3- Château de la Mercerie

The Château de la Mercerie is the ideal spot for a sensational photo. Try to get all 220 metres of its facade in the photo! The rose garden behind the facade is a dreamy setting for a romantic photo.

There is a belvedere on the roof the castle, which can only be accessed during visits and on request. It’s a perfect spot to try and capture the majestic castle with a never-ending horizon in the background.

4- Le Moulin de Perdrigeau

For a panoramic view of the Charente countryside, take the white pebble path up to the Moulin du Perdrigeau in Bors de Montmoreau. This old windmill, which has been converted into a watchtower, is the perfect spot for a photo with your hair blowing in the wind and your eyes turned towards the horizon. You’ll feel as free as a bird!

Sunset is particularly recommended for that golden-hour look.

5- The lakes of Touvérac (and Guizengeard)!

These former clay extraction quarries are now filled with water, with the blue lakes of Touvérac being one of the breathtaking landscapes of the South Charente. The water is turquoise blue, giving a tropical vibe to these forest-surrounded lakes.

The water is, however, very acidic, and the nature environment created by these lakes is protected. Therefore, no photos with your feet in the water in a swimming costume, as swimming is strictly forbidden. There’s no harm in taking photos as long as you stay on the path!


Le château de Barbezieux

Château de Barbezieux, Avenue du 14 Juillet, Barbezieux-Saint-Hilaire, France

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Le moulin de Perdrigeau

Moulins de Perdrigeau, Bors, France

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Etangs de Guizengeard

Guizengeard, France

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Aubeterre-sur-Dronne, France

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Le Château de la mercerie

Château de la Mercerie, Magnac-Lavalette-Villars, France

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