The finest wines to please the finest of palates

Charentais wine is bordering on excellence!

Far be it from us to try to dethrone a Grand Cru Classé, but it is possible to find good wine in South Charente.
Le Cellier des Princes Barbezieux

Our discerning senses are drawn to visit the small wine producers spread throughout the region, who have access to varied terroirs.

Located in Cognac vineyards, these winegrowers also produce interesting wines. Do you fancy a glass?

Our experts’ selection:

Le Petit Cousinaud in Guizengeard

Geoffrey Valentin has been awarded several medals for his wines.

Le Petit Cousinaud

His geographical location in Guizengeard has sandy loam soils with flinty outcrops, which allow for the development of fine wines.

It’s well worth a taste!

His white chardonnay and rosé wines were awarded a bronze medal in 2017 at the Concours de Paris and the Concours des saveurs d’or régionales.

Conte et Filles in Chillac

Two sisters and one vintage.

Conte et Filles

They have won several awards for their Cognacs and Pineau. They also produce a range of rosé and red wines made from the Merlot grape.

Le Maine Giraud in Champagne-Vigny

Three generations have succeeded one another on this estate, and today produce quality table wines.

Le Maine Giraud

You can choose between a white with floral notes, a rosé to accompany your grilled meats or a fruitier red made from the Merlot grape.

SCEA Les Bourdeaux in Guimps

The estate’s red wine, matured in oak barrels, will be a welcome addition to your cooking whether you’re preparing a beef bourguignon or accompanying it with your meal.

Grappe de raisin Sud Charente

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Drink in moderation.


SCEA Les Bourdeaux

Chez les Bourdeaux, Guimps, France

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Le Maine Giraud

Le Maine Giraud (Ancien Domaine d'Alfred de Vigny), Champagne-Vigny, France

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Le Petit Cousinaud

Le Petit Cousinaud, Le Petit Cousinaud, Guizengeard, France

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Conte et Filles

Conte et filles, Chez Grimaud, Chillac, France

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