Greenway la Galope Chopine

La Galope Chopine

The weather is perfect for a bike ride. Follow us as we take you around the La Galope Chopine greenway.

Vue sur Barbezieux

This old railway line, which has been transformed into a cycling path, is one stretch on the V3, a European route that connects Moscow to Santiago de Compostela and the North Cape to Gibraltar.

Voie verte Barbezieux

It stretches over 22 km, from Barbezieux to Chantillac. This protected trail passes through forests, valleys, vineyards and traditional Charentais villages.
If you feel like it, you can continue your route as far as Charente-Maritime and Gironde!

Voie verte Barbezieux

It’s a lovely country walk where you’ll be accompanied only by the sound of birdsong, peace and quiet and nature.
On your way, you’ll see the lamp shops, the old buildings used to store and repair the lighting and signalling equipment used by the railway companies.
Along the trail, there are interpretive panels that will tell you more about the history of this route.

This safe greenway is perfect for a family walk.
Shaded Route
Picnic tables are available all along the route.


La voie verte à Barbezieux

Voie verte barbezieux

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