Experience near the alembic

As we pass through the vineyards, we stop to explore the mysterious world of Cognac.

This is how we find ourselves in the distillery where the majestic alembic stands. We pay particular attention to the double distillation process, which is essential to making the finest Cognacs.

Cognac André Petit

At this point, our host suggests that we smell the brandy at the various stages of the warming process. Three or four test tubes later, we move onto the cellars where we are instantly hit with the alcohol vapours emanating from the oak casks that are used for Cognac ageing. This evaporation is called ‘the angels’ share’.

Believe us, those angels have got it good!

Conte et Filles

We end this unique experience over a glass of Cognac, where the winegrower tells us the secret of the aromas that emanate from it.

Here, they’ll share the secrets of Cognac production with you:

Le Maine Giraud

At Le Maine Giraud in Champagne-Vigny, visit the home of Alfred de Vigny, the famous writer and winegrower. Let Mathieu guide you around this magnificent 15th-century mansion, a listed, ’Maison des Illustres’, where he will have you taste local Pineau des Charentes and Cognac.

Conte et Filles

Blandine and Anne-Laure are sisters who took over the family vineyard, and who offer you the chance to explore the world of Cognac. Blending or olfactory workshops … take your pick to see what it’s like to be a keeper of a cellar!

Le château des Plassons

In 2009, brothers Julien and David acquired an estate that belonged to the Hennessy family in the 19th century.

They have worked hard over the years to get their wines noticed by connoisseurs. This work paid off because they now export to five continents.

You’ll be warmly welcomed in this former 15th century dwelling. Take a seat around the barrel for a taste!

Le Domaine des Quillets

Paul Rumeau’s Cognac is the fruit of the work by many generations of winegrowers. The entire process, from distillation to ageing, takes places on the Domaines.

This process is explained during the guided tour and ends with a delicious sample.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Drink in moderation.


Le Maine Giraud

Le Maine Giraud (Ancien Domaine d'Alfred de Vigny), Champagne-Vigny, France

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Conte et Filles

Conte et filles, Chez Grimaud, Chillac, France

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Le Château des Plassons

Château des Plassons, Le Plasson, Bors, France

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Le domaine des Quillets

Domaine des Quillets, Les Quillets, Champagne-Vigny, France

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