Meeting local producers

Men and women that are passionate about their work

In this predominately agricultural region, we prefer using short food-supply chains and local, small producers.


Beyond the act of purchasing goods is the human interaction behind it.

Visit the men and women, who shape this land and raise their animals, to learn more about their trades and their passion for their work.

The diversity of products on offer will help you to put together a nice picnic basket of local and seasonal produce!

Are you ready for a wonderful adventure?


Chez Tata Caro

EARL chez tata Caro, Chez Chauvaud, Chatignac, France

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Brasserie La Nouge

brasserie La Nouge

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La Font Garnier : Céréalier et producteur de pâtes en Charente

EARL DE LA FONT-GARNIER, Barbezieux-Saint-Hilaire, France

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Le Moulin des Terrodes

Le Moulin Des Terrodes, Les Terrodes, Challignac, France

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La ferme de Dallignac

ferme de Dallignac, Chadurie, France

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La cueillette des Garcins

La cueillette des garcin, Bretagne, Guimps, France

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Volailles Gobin

Volailles Gobin, Chez Goriaud, Brie-Sous-Barbezieux, France

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La Ferme de la Thibauderie

La ferme de la thibauderie, Condéon, France

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Lérisson Gourmand

Lérisson Gourmand, Reignac, France

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